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This side adventure is to be a fill in till I finished the next chapter of Pokemon: Reader X Dawn! This story didn't have much thought put into it. Just a quick little fill in Story.


   Ash and Brock had moved on to the Unova Region. You know, Ash, always has to catch new Pokemon and fight new Gym Leaders. After May and Dawn had waved bye to them, it was already late.

POV of May. (Sorry, only did May's POV.)

    I walked next to Dawn as we made our way to the Pokemon Center. I looked down at the side walk, I followed each pebble I saw, one after the other. Until I started think about Ash and my eyes followed a pebble all the way to my breasts. It didn't long till I was staring at them myself. I have nice C Cup breasts. I've only had the courage to touch my breasts. I could never force myself to touch me down there. I had the urge to play with myself, but I was with Dawn and I was in the open. It shocked me when she cupped one of my breasts and poked the nipple on the other. I yelped and covered my tits and I stopped. "Dawn?" She smiled, she was blushing. "I saw how you were staring at your breasts lustfully. Your face was so cute, and your tits are so big and tempting, that I couldn't help myself." She smiled and looked at her own chest. When she first began her adventure, she barely had anything, but now, after all the time she traveled with Ash, she had large B Cup tits. Mine where C, but if they went up one more size, I'd have double D's. I smiled, "lets take this to the Pokemon Center." She blushed, but followed.

     Once we got into our room we dropped down our stuff at the door and kicked off our shoes. After she took off her boots I kissed her. Her lips so soft... So smooth. It made my feel weirdly excited. I felt a tingling sensation in my pants. We made out. It wasn't long till our tongues entered the fray. We slowly made her way the bed, the back of her knees hit the bed and she fell back. I climbed on top of her blushing and smiling. I planted my right hand over her right breast. She placed a hand over my hand and twitched slightly as I gently squeezed and released her breasts. We were still making out. She used her free hand to pull off her red scarf, and start to unbutton her shirt as best as she could. I used my free hand to assist. 

   Soon her small black shirt was unbuttoned and I could see a glimpse of her bare tits inside. I was getting very excited. Her nipples were hard. I put both of my hands on her tits and put her stiff nipples between two of my fingers. She squealed and sat up, burying her head between my tits. I was shocked my tits went around her whole head. The only thing stopping them from surrounding her head is that her head is pulling on my tight clothes. I had no bra on and I twitched as she put hand on my left tit. The room was steamy. She tore off my shirt and stared at my tits. Her eyebrows rose, like she had gotten an idea. She slowly lowered her mouth and raise my right tit. She surrounded my nipple with her soft lips. I let out a soft moan as she played and pulled my other nipple. Her tongue softly swirling around my nipple. Her smooth lips suckling on my nipple. I felt an incredible sensation flood my body. It started from my feet, but the more Dawn licked my nipple, it rose.... it jumped up to my belly button as she switched nipples. 

   The feeling increased speed as she put both of my nipples together in her mouth, rubbing them together and on her tongue. The moment she slid her tongue between my nipples The sensation filled my body and I felt like I was going to pee. "D-Dawn... I-I feel like I'm about to pee!" I yelled as the feeling washed over me. She pulled her mouth away and released my tits. They fell and bounced. "Did you really just orgasim from me licking my nipples. I felt something poke my ass, I stood and saw a bulge in Dawns skirt. I pulled off her skirt as she laid there and made no move to stop me. She I covered my mouth and jumped back as I pulled off her panties. She had a rock hard monster cock! She was blushing and it twitched. "Dawn, this is about to get a lot more exciting." I smiled as I surrounded the cock with my tits. Dawn gripped the bed sheets, "O-o-o my god, they're so fucking soft..." She said trying to hide the pleasure in her voice. I started to move up and down, I also lowered my mouth to the head of her cock and swallowed it. The cock was huge. I was giving her a titfuck, and she was still a good three inches deep into my throat. Her size was incredible.

   "This feel so good. May your tits are the best, never stop, I love you May!" <3. She thrusting into my tits and throat. Her tongue hang out of her mouth. "M-May, I'm.. I'm g-going to Cum." I only increased speed and shoved her cock deeper into my throat. The idea of Dawn cumming in my mouth excited me. I can feel the puddle I made of my sex juices that leaked through my pajama pants. 
She grabbed the back of my head and shoved her cock all the way into my throat and she cummed, it shot shot straight into my stomach. I smiled and jerked her off and licked up the remaining scraps. 

    I rolled off her and like that we fell asleep............


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I'd rather not indulge my name :PP. My profile is 100% For Pokemon Sex Stories. I love the idea and I'm going to follow through each story as best I can. Lets talk why I decided to start these stories. Now as a little kid, I got really into Pokemon, and I have ever since. I've collected the Pokemon Trading Cards and played & beat the Pokemon Games. Now, I fell in love with some of the characters, cause at that time I had no idea what love was. I carried those secret crushes throughout my child years and into (My current years) my years as Teenager. The one I fell in love with at first was May, I never really liked Misty. Being a girl and all, those feelings where weird at the time, but I grew to clutch those feelings. And once I discovered Porn, I started looking up naked pictures of her and each time I did, I fell. Deeper and deeper. I do not care what you say about that, It's the truth and I do NOT care. And I do NOT care how embarrassing you think I feel about revealing this information. To be honest, I was at first, but now I take pride in it, so fuck off. And no, I'm not Lesbian, all girls have their girl-crushes and I found my Animated ones. I am single however. Well, enjoy my stories, (Or not I don't care either way.) I want to do this, and I will.

P.S. I'm doing this for the fun of it.


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